Fairfield Bay Arkansas and the Greers Ferry Lake

One weekend the family and I took it upon ourselves to visit Fairfield Bay Arkansas and see the Greers Ferry Lake. We stayed at a nice little condo on Dave Creek Parkway for about a week. Although the condo was nice, it was extremely expensive at over $250 a night! You could hear the neighbors and other tourists (terrorists) yelling all night and fighting. We even heard a couple arguing about the husbands choice of becoming a dealer for https://www.lennox.com/ ! It was  a horrible experience to sleep there. The next day we found ourselves on a boat on the lake wakeboarding for a few hours. We swam until our skin looked like prunes. The water was a nice 70 degrees I would say, a very nice temperature to swim and relax in. On the way back to our condo we followed, were followed by, and passed many moronic drivers. These drivers are either local but usually from out of town during the summer months. A local told me he gets sick of all the tourists because they can’t drive the steep and curvy roads in Fairfield Bay. He says ” Stay out of our town if you can’t drive at least the speed limit “. I agree. The town of Fairfield Bay also has some neat giant chairs sitting by the town entrance, one is blue and one is green. Great food is to be had as well at the few restaurants in the bay. Its best to go eat during non peak hours as it will be empty and you won’t have to see other people who may ruin your meal with their presence. It truly is a great town to visit if you can just avoid all the other people!

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